When Anna is captured by the angels, and forced into jail for “retraining” or torture, depending on who you ask, she has doesn’t believe she’ll ever get out. However, one day, when the apocalypse has come and gone, the rise of the leviathans and their subsequent fall, and the angels nearly being expelled from heaven, they come to her. She’ll be free to leave her prison and considered obedient once more, if she goes to hell - alone - and rescues a soul. A soul that just happens to be that of Jo Harvelle.

Coming on the 3rd of September… art by capricorn-child

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xi arted for this fic and am here to certify it is cute & fun & plotty xif you are in need of f/f longfic [who isn't???] check it out! xalso watch this space for the art xspn

Firstly the details of my sexual life are mine to disclose when and if I choose, however I feel the need to respond to the accusation that I’m anything less than completely honest about my sexuality because it is a tired criticism.

I am in a relationship that is supportive, transparent and accepting of my lifestyle and preferences, being specifically my desire for both women & men, how that acceptance is realized is NONE of your business. Unless I wish for it to be public. You know nothing of my relationship other than the flashes here and there that I provide, it is not currently my wont to expose you to the intimate details of my bedroom (or of the several I might be in at any given moment).

I do not need to PROVE my sexuality to you and I do not need to recount the details of the who, what, when and where of my sexual history.

YOU don’t get to decide what I am or what I am not; the system of having to defend your orientation is a symptom of the systemic prejudice against the LGBTQ community.

Also the nature of a relationship, being monogamous or otherwise has no bearing on your sexuality. A bisexual woman may only sleep with women for several years and she is no less bisexual than who she claims to be. Your sexuality is your desire & your sex is merely the physical expression of any part of that desire.

The claim that to be bisexual you must be a ‘wild’ bisexual infers that there is a distinct and unfavorable characteristic attributed to the community that does not subscribe to hetero-normativity; the desire to lead a fulfilled life albeit spiritually, physical or sexually should not be considered an act of wild rebellion. My stating that I’m bisexual shouldn’t be news-worthy or controversial; it’s not that exciting; it’s not that interesting; there’s nothing about it that should necessitate anger or negation.

*swan dives into a vagina*

» Caitlin Stasey’s response to someone saying she is not a bisexual as she is in a relationship with a male (x)  
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2015 is only 5 months away, just let that sink in

What the fuck does the sink want now


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#once you know that it’s ruby; sam’s face in the last gif become hysterical #cause he is apparantly just so done with her screwing with him but he can’t actually say anything (via)

but can we talk about how fucking clever ruby was? she opens the door and sees fucking dean winchester, and she asks if he is delivering a pizza. like she covered any surprise and fear that she had and played dumb. ruby was a fucking genius

I was so confused for fucking ages because she was so smooth

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xthis is one of my favourite ever scenes in this show xbecause ruby's literally just trolling sam to the nth degree and it is glorious xhe is SO fucking done in that last gif xamazing xruby you magnificent bitch you xbless you xi like to think that as well as being like I WANT TO KILL YOU RN I AM SO EMBARASSED xsam is also just like ... i have got to respect that level of dedication to being a little shit xruby's last gif tho xugh xi love you so much xyou were the best of those sons of bitches xthe man who knew too much xyou are the apocalypse and i am willing you to happen xspn

For the next 9 days, I am going on a tumblr break because I have a lot to do - moving house, finishing up my Masters’ course, and some important religious stuff. I will be back on 5th September.

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I am haunted by all the editions of books that are prettier than the ones I already own.

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xi own the prettiest editions of hdm and lotr and that is a FACT


Oh My Maps (by Marc Khachfe)

London-based artist Marc Khachfe fuses science, space, and art in his series of large-scale maps composed of multiple layers of photographs and data. ‘I was blown away by the nighttime images taken of cities at night by the astronauts on the ISS (international space station) and wanted to print out a large poster of the London one for my office, but I found them too blurry and too small to look good good printed out large format’, Khachfe explains. Sourcing open map data, Khachfe has composited the visual information with data and layered it with CGI, to mimic the glow of streets and buildings. finally, photoshop merges all the layers together and play with colors, exposure and glow augment the reality of each image. the artistic interpretations are geographically accurate and match the real images as closely as possible.

Maps (in order): London - Helsinki - Rio - Chicago - Cleveland - Amsterdam

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what’s cooler than cool?

absolute zero

0k 0k 0k 0k 0k 0k 0k 0k 0k 0k 0k 0k 0k 0k 0k 0k

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Youtuber Robert Jones posted this well-edited supercut, a celebration of dance on film, featuring everything from Dirty Dancing to 13 Going on 30

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