on the vaguely positive side well done on casting Alexander Siddig, I would have accepted no substitutes

and at least Obara & Nym aren’t gonna be white? like. kinda side-eye the whole any-ethnicity-will-do-as-long-as-you’re-light-brown attitude but yeah

and oh joy it looks like they’re gonna make Tyene a fighter as opposed to a butter-wouldn’t-melt, sweet-as-sugar poisoner on the sly. okay then. [ughhhhh gutted eternally that no Tyene/Arianne. they’d only turn it into some gross “hurr look at the lesbians, boys” thing but I ship it so hard and any scenes of them together would be endless giffing/editing opportunity why am I being denied this]

also wait

I didn’t see that they’ve also rolled Quentyn & Trystane into one


how is he supposed to be betrothed to Myrcella and thus presumably involved in that whole plotline, but ALSO involved in the whole Martell/Targaryen conspiracy? do these people think anything out I mean what sense does this make

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xgot spoilers xyes i know tyene & arianne are cousins shut up xwe are allowed to do that in this fandom

oh and if they cast her but make Quentyn the official heir and give the Myrcella plotline to the Sand Snakes …

that’s almost worse. like ‘oh yeah we’ll cast her but we’ll take away everything that makes her relevant and give her entire plot arc to other characters’. and if they do that i’d bet my life all we get from her is brothel scenes because SHE HAS SEX AMIRITE WHEN WOMEN HAVE SEX THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS. THAT’S THE ENTIRE CHARACTER. SEX.

[especially non-white women. this whole thing is just a fucking mess seven hells]

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xi am so done xi knew i was too emotionally involved in this show




now I’m imaging andalites getting ‘human tattoos’ but they don’t know what they mean so they just get like the starbucks logo on their butt. 

I envision Andalite war-princes with the Cinnabon logo on their flank like a cutie mark…

…I kind of had to.


He also has sweet knuckle tats! A human phrase meaning ‘noble warrior’.


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Friendly reminder that K A Applegate had anti-racist, anti-sexist, pro-nonbinary gender, pro-nonbinary sexuality, pro-environmental, and pro-tolerance messages in a book series aimed at children. She also encouraged readers to appreciate the goods things in their lives, find constructive ways to fight the bad things, and take comfort and courage from those quiet moments where everyone else thinks you’re defeated. She also also portrayed multiple religions respectfully and accurately. And if you don’t think that’s awesome, you can just get on out of my face.

And considering how violent Animorphs is, she depicted it in such a way that wasn’t glorified, but awful and terrifying and it affected the characters realistically - they experience guilt, PTSD, nightmares, adrenaline addiction, and depression at some point in the series.

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xuntil the andalites return xanimorphs is the best and that's the end of it


fuck D&D

like SERIOUSLY fuck D&D

unless they’re trying to pull some bait-and-switch bull and keeping Arianne a secret which I -highly- doubt

it’s so fucking transparent now that they give zero shits about female characters and their agency and complexity and importance to the plot. their power. their influence as leaders and politicians and diplomats. their emotional depth. or just like. any existence beyond two-dimensional mother/whore/BADASS caricatures. [guess who’s still bitter about Arya Stark being forced to act as comic relief at the start of s4? guess who will ALWAYS be bitter about that?]

I mean

Arianne Nymeros Martell is one of only three female characters - POV characters no less - who are considered royal heirs in their own right. [guess who else has been marginalised and ignored? oh yes, Asha Greyjoy] She is the ONLY female character who is automatically considered the heir in her own right, not because all her male relatives are wiped out or because she makes a stand at a Kingsmoot.

She’s a politician and a leader and a force to be reckoned with even if, like everyone else in the goddamned series she can’t outsmart Doran. [guess who else has been written out after a run of character assassination and being made a political irrelevance? oh yes, Catelyn Stark] She’s sexually liberated and empowered and independent and a key part of her father’s 15-year machinations is him trusting her to refuse an arranged marriage to a husband she doesn’t want [*looks at Cersei Lannister’s entire arc and characterisation and weeps*] and if she were around today you know she would consider herself a feminist and she’s also a woc from a region of Westeros modelled after a region of the real world that’s stereotyped as being ~totally misogynistic~ and you know when you lay it out like that it is totally fucking obvious why they’d cut her out

because their heads would just fucking explode if they tried to write a female character who is powerful but not inflicting violence or ~evil~, who is sexual but neither threatened with rape nor demonised, who is willing to go to extreme measures to defend the rights of another woman to inherit what is hers, who has many many close bonds with other women, and who fucks up but above all is actually RESPECTED by those around her

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xarianne is such an important character BUT NO xyeah unless we hear to the contrary xthis is me rage quitting xgame of thrones xarianne martell FOREVER xugh xi am so pissed xgot spoilers

Phoenix - http://www.deviantart.com/art/Phoenix-337370921


Phoenix - http://www.deviantart.com/art/Phoenix-337370921

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edwardalric replied to your post: Also, judging by the character descrip…

Honestly, I don’t want to believe they cut Arianne out of the show but it wouldn’t surprise me, show writers have shown many times that they don’t understand the story and the characters.

People had been speculating about this since the casting calls and the audition tapes leaked, and until now I was like LOL NO WAY, but now I’m legitimately worried. :/

I’m just so confused by this show’s decisions sometimes. I was dead certain that they wouldn’t cut Stoneheart and the truth about Tysha either and then they did. I guess Jeyne Poole is next, just like everyone’s been saying.

Wait what. 

I’ve missed something here. What’s gone down with the casting calls?

If there’s no Arianne that’s it. I can go no further. 

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My first tattoo, a wolf head on my thigh. Done by Brynn Sladky at Blacklist Tattoo in Portland, Oregon.


My first tattoo, a wolf head on my thigh. Done by Brynn Sladky at Blacklist Tattoo in Portland, Oregon.

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do you ever find a playlist so perfect it is physically painful?

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please stop making comics about the stereotypical jock boy beating up the stereotypical nerd boy and somehow incorporating love. do not write them under posts about physical indicators of soulmates (glowing chests, names on wrists) and better yet, don’t reblog that shit when you see it!

stop living in this weird fantasy world where anyone’s secretly meant to be with their abuser forever. I can’t believe this is a text post I need to make

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